Welcome to the Baltic Smart Water Hub – the online platform showcasing good practices, technical solutions and tools, as well as other relevant materials for the water sector in the Baltic Sea Region. Browse the cases, submit your own, and contact our experts for more information!


What is the Hub?

The Baltic Smart Water Hub is an online platform hosted by the UBC Sustainable Cities Commission. The Hub serves as a meeting point for our member cities, water companies and experts from national knowledge based communities in the Baltic Sea Region, aiming to take lifelong learning in the water sector on the macro-regional level and enable transnational dialogue and exchange.

The content published on the Hub is distributed along the following areas of the water management: FRESH WATER (including river-basin and lake cooperation), STORM WATER, WASTE WATER (including sludge handling) and SEA WATER (including coastal areas management and shipping). Additionally, Hub catalogs and references other water-related resources: networks for sharing knowledge in the region, as well as relevant funding sources and legislation.

The Baltic Smart Water Hub addresses varied target groups, including water companies and water associations, relevant departments of local authorities, academia and students engaged in water fields, private companies producing clean-tech and innovative water-related solutions, as well as NGOs and other initiatives and foundations working with water issues.