Welcome to the Baltic Smart Water Hub!

Welcome to the Baltic Smart Water Hub, our new international water community platform for sharing expertise in smart water management in the Baltic Sea Region. This feature-rich and versatile online platform was created by water experts from ten countries in the framework of the EU-funded projects – IWAMA and BSR WATER. The Hub is a practical and powerful online tool for networking and exchange of good practices and concrete solutions from water sector for all organisations that wants to thrive and continuously improve their performance.

The Hub structure is built on four water areas, in which the information is presented: fresh and sea water, storm water and wastewater. Through recognizing these areas, the Hub emphasizes important water management aspects such as integrated approach to storm waters, flooding control, river water monitoring, lake restoration, coastal area management, wastewater treatment, securing high quality drinking water and many other.

The Hub comprises of four core interactive elements, through which you can cooperate, share and learn: good practices, technical solutions, tools and experts. Each section has a unique set of content tested and implemented by forerunner organizations from the Baltic Sea Region.

Through the demonstrated cases, you can find ideas for cutting-edge investments, measures to optimize processes, solutions to common challenges and tools to support regular practices. You can also learn about available funding structures, regional policy frameworks and potential networking associates. Furthermore, you are very welcome to submit your own content to the Hub through an online form and by doing so promote your organisation's expertise and best practices in the region.

The portal collection is continuously expanding with novel tested solutions, providing the best variety of available water management related information around the Baltic Sea Region. We've made sure to add the most valued content, check the examples and find there something for you:

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Visit our Hub and join our water community to learn, share and connect!