Larisa Danilova

Mrs. Danilova has an extensive experience in the preparation, planning and implementation of regional and international projects in the field of maritime spatial planning, sea management and ecosystem-based approach, tourism planning and development. Mrs. Danilova participates in realized or ongoing international projects in Baltic Sea: BALTWISE (MSP), BalticLINEs (Coherent Linear Infrastructures in Baltic Maritime Spatial Plans), BalticRIM (Baltic Sea Region Integrated Maritime Cultural Heritage Management), Capacity4MSP (Strengthening the capacity of MSP stakeholders and decision makers) – Interreg projects on spatial coordination of the sectoral and multi use of the Baltic Sea (2014-2021).

Other projects: BBNP project (Building Capacity and Involvement of Civil Society in Environmental and Natural Resources Management in North West Russia and the Barents Sea, Sida) focused on building capacity and involving the local population in the responsible use of regional resources and management of maritime activities.

Mrs. Danilova is the author and moderator of the interactive MSP Game “Maritime Spatial Planning. If I were a Decision-maker” (2018-2021). She took part in development of a number of national maritime and marine projects in Russian Federation, such as concept on yachting development of St. Petersburg (2018-2019); TOR for the Pechora Sea MSP (2016); Recommendations on the Ecosystem Approach Procedure for the Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Management of the Sea Use of the Barents Sea (2016).

Since 2014 Mrs. Danilova is a member of the HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group, since 2015 - a member of the BSR Expert Sub-Group on Data for MSP, since 2017 – the Russian representative in the Expert group on promoting the Blue Growth Initiative on the Black Sea.

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