Energy recovery from water networks: PICOGEN®

The innovation PICOGEN® offers, at the place of consumption, access to renewable energy, available, and so far untapped to move towards a more responsible energy mix and a reasoned consumption. The patented technology PICOGEN® widens the scope of possibilities by energy recovery of low flows. The ease of installation and low maintenance of the PICOGEN® solution are the result of a streamlined design conceived to make the user's task easier.

The PICOGEN® turbine is an answer to the needs of the market: it allows the autonomous power supply of electrical equipment in every point of the networks, including the isolated sites, the sites with low water flows and the sites with a weak permissible pressure drop. The solution is composed of an innovative turbine that adapts to the most common pipe diameters and a steering body, or regulator, which delivers and optimizes electrical production.

PICOGEN® is installed online on the pipelines of water networks to supply the various electrical components, be it equipment or instruments, taking as little pressure as possible from the network. With the help of a battery connected to the regulator, which is itself connected to the PICOGEN, the energy can be stored according to the flows and the needs of the customers. A built-in bypass inside the turbine eliminates the need for a bypass installation and ensures the safety of the networks in case of high flows (for example during the occasional opening of a fire hydrant). PICOGEN® provides energy for flow meters to control leaks to preserve water resources.

Results and next steps

The solution has been installed in France and Europe since 2018.

Typical application which PICOGEN® is designed for: reservoirs, catchments, sectorization.

The next steps would be to deploy the solution on a larger scale, first in Europe and then worldwide.

Potential applications in the BSR

Drinking water distribution

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