High Voltage Nanosecond Pulsed Electric Field (HiNaPEF)

HiNaPEF technology is a New Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) similar to Pulsed Electric Field (PEF) technology but based on low frequency and high voltage nano-pulses. It’s fully patented (EP 3023392A1). It delivers effective reduction of all microorganisms: abatement of up to 99% on liquids. It can be configured to treat on water non-biodegradable organic pollutants including emerging contaminants and recalcitrant organic pollutants such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, dyes.

It has low electric energy consumption: 0,01 kWh/m3, excluding the efficiency of the pulse generator (-30% vs existing PEF technologies). Additionally, it’s fully customizable according to the characteristics of the effluent, suitable for Point-of-Use (POU) applications and it does not heat the treated liquid. The device is compact and portable.

Results and next steps

It will be installed soon (September 2020)  in a camp on the Alps (North-West Italy). Additionally, in the range of “Project Ô” activities, it will be installed in 2021 at Lecce, Italy (the well Cozza-Guardati) and in Eilat, Israel (a mariculture farm). “Project Ô” water treatment capacity will be 24 m3/day at the end of the scale up.

The estimated price is influenced by the final application but, in average, it amounts to around 5000-6000 € (generator + reaction chamber).

Potential applications in the BSR

The product it’s applicable to all water areas but mainly focused on small - medium scale such us: aqueduct, artesian wells, isolated communities (for examples on mountains, island or coastal areas), SME water treatments loops, houses, farms, skyscrapers, etc.

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