PurOceans Technology

PurOceans Technology to clean up seabeds from oil products and microplastic

PurOceans Technology™ is a Latvian startup founded in 2019 within the CleanTech industry, founded by a team of 5 members with 35 years of combined experience. We're aiming to remove plastic and oil products from SEA FLOOR by means of only AIR bubbles and pressure, with 98-99% of success, while we rehabilitate deep waters and restore/recover dead zones, which currently include over 500 areas around the globe. Indeed, we're working for a total solution to the pollution problem by using non-invasive and eco-friendly methods and increase its reputation under the employing Next Generation Technology scope.

Results and next steps

Our three pilot test are in a brief the Technology Validation projects in Komi Republic, concretely we removed 157 tons of crude oil from a 12th meter deep lake that covers 6.4 hectares; and a second pilot in Khanty Mansiysk, where 98% of oil concentration was removed from the bottom soil-grounded. Finally, the effectiveness of our technology was officially approved by the European Free Port Of Riga in 2021, thanks to a three-days demonstration at OVI Terminal in which were lifted 10 kg of the pure oil from 18 m2.

Summing up, our main scope are the oil and gas companies, the municipalities, the waste management companies, and the environmental funds. We are based in Riga, ergo the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, nevertheless, our technology can be applied worldwide.

Case in point, we have been reached out by numerous boards looking for a solution to the pollution problem, such as the Freeport of Riga or our most recent customer, the Bulgarian municipality of Burgas.

Potential applications in the BSR

We are genuinely interested in joining Baltic Smart Water Hub since we consider PurOceans a perfect match for your project, as we both aim for the same: a clean and sustainable world. Besides, we must point out that we have already joined The Ocean Decade and accomplished several SDGs such as Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation, Goal 14: Life below Water and Goal 13: Climate Action while developing our start-up and technology.

We may be considered an enriching fit in the Green Tech investment area, along with our inherent green and regenerative entrepreneurship profile. Indeed, strengths we own as a Nature-Based Solution business which main goals is to clean up the seabeds while we keep a circular technology and methodology, as well as network. Besides, we would like to highlight that we run our CleanTech company without harming the environment and avoiding any chemical treatment or process of excavation. Precisely, in PurOceans Technology™ we neither use mechanical intervention and excavation of soil nor electrochemical treatment and chemical substances. Our methods are respectful and eco-friendly, as one of our goals is beside the clean-up of the seafloor, its active rehabilitation by improving both the environment and the flora and fauna.

In fact, our solution is globally, so it's oriented to a supranational scope, nevertheless our main targets are port industries, waste management companies, oil and gas companies, municipalities, environmental funds, and NGO’s. Therefore, we're initially focusing on business which value Port Green opportunities.

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