CliPLivE – Climate Proof Living Environment

The CliPLivE project contributes to reducing the exposure to hazards and to promoting of emergency preparedness in the built areas around the Gulf of Finland.

The project is promoting the transfer of experiences and know-how in the field of climate change induced environmental and geological risks. It will offer new tools and methodologies for risk assessment and management of selected environmental and geological risks in different planning levels. It will raise the awareness of the target groups and other stakeholders in geological and environmental risks – existing and climate change aggravated or induced. The project will support sustainable development by enhancing the knowledge on environmental and geological risks, risk assessment and adaptation measures towards climate change.

Project activities

  • Development maps of geological and environmental risks for current situation

  • Development maps of geological and environmental risks under different climate change scenarios

  • Development of practical recommendations on measures for geological and environmental risk reduction under current and future climate

  • Target group cooperation as a cross-cutting issue over the whole project period


Funding: South-East Finland – Russia ENPI CBC 2007 – 2013

Budget: 568 497 EUR with European Union co-funding 454 797 EUR

Duration: February 2012 – November 2014