Small-scale thermal treatment device (pyrolizer)

The goal of this innovation is to integrate small-scale thermal treatment devices (pyrolizer) on small-sized vessels’ boards and in harbors. The solid plastic waste can be transformed into a combustible gas that can be used immediately on-site as an energy source for ships and lighting and heating in ports. This technology, suitable for marine litter that cannot be recycled due to contamination and multi-material composition, has been developed through the project GreenPlasma and it is further developed and tested within CLAIM.

Components installed in the solution

  • Component for thermic inversion system (Reactor, plasm/induction system)
  • Component for pre-treatment system (Conveyor belt/shredder)
  • Component for post-treatment and electric generation system
  • Safety system (switch/protection covers)
  • Automation and control systems (Control panel)
  • Treatment gas system (Blower, heat exchanger, Steam trap, dust separator)

Operational mode

The technology will be installed in two typologies of places:

  • In port, the system is designed larger, the amount of waste that can be processed is greater.
  • On board, the system is more versatile and more specialized, requiring integration with the ship.

Pyrolizer installed on a marine drone, autonomously collecting floating debris in the oceans. The pyrolizer will provide enough energy to make the drone self-sufficient.

Another example could be a pyrolizer of larger dimensions installed in a port area. It will receive waste from the oceans through different types of collecting methodologies (Litter fishing, etc.)


On-site installation is currently in progress.

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