Smart Energy Management Self Audit (SEMSA) concept and self audit tool

The audit concept for smart energy management was developed to support operators of wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) to assess the energetical aspects of the whole treatment process.

Quick guide

The SEMSA concept consists of the energy self audit tool, a report on the first audits performed within the IWAMA project and a guideline document.

Based on a detailed inventory of relevant process data and eletrcial consumers of the WWTP predefined formulas are used to calculate the individual optimization potential of the WWTP.

The audit tool was developed to measure the effectiveness of the process applied at wastewater treatment plants and outline the potential for improvements of these plants. A tool has been programmed using Microsoft Excel and VBA-code. The tool originally developed in English has been translated to Estonian, German, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Swedish languages. A guideline document (Guidelines for using the Smart Energy Management Self Audit Tool) is available with detailed instructions and descriptions of the calculations. Interested WWTP operators and other parties are invited to evaluate their WWTPs without external help needed (through the self-auditing process).


In the auditing process, the energy consumption of the whole treatment plant is analysed. Ideal consumption values are calculated automatically by the tool if required process data is provided. The comparison reveals the saving potential. Based on these findings, the tool includes also general recommendations on optimization measures.

First energy audits in order to develop the audit tools were performed on 9 WWTPs (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany). The auditing process and main findings are described in a common report.

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