Nutribute – Nutrient offsetting for the Baltic Sea

A fundraising tool for Baltic Sea projects

Quick guide

Nutribute works on the crowdfunding principle. At this platform, all Baltic Sea stakeholders, free of charge, can present their activities that aim at reducing nutrient discharges. Then general public and organisations can support the activities of their choice with donations.


Simple in using but efficient fundraising tool provides number of benefits to both project owners and prospective donors, notwithstanding the general positive effects on the environmental state of the Baltic Sea. Project owners get a possibility to raise funds for a good cause, while creating awareness of the project in their networks and reaching wider audience with the help of social media. Donors, in turn, get chance to take a concrete action to protect the Baltic Sea, knowing exactly how their money is spent and what is being achieved – for example, it is possible to become nutrient neutral by financing a nutrient reduction endeavor of a particular project.

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