Training Materials Package for wastewater treatment

Training Materials Package shares information on most topical themes related to wastewater management and state-of-the-art challenges and opportunities regarding education and training. It is intended for both WWTP operators and teachers and students.

Quick guide

Training Material Package is a Moodle-based online databank of educational materials for wastewater treatment plant personnel with content concentrated on smart energy, sludge management, capacity building and tools in the wastewater treatment sector.


Training Materials Package was developed to present “tailor-made” knowledge generated in the IWAMA project for wastewater treatment plant operators, as well as for teachers and students in the wastewater treatment sector. The package consists of the main English folder and eight national folders: German, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Finnish, Swedish, and Russian. The main folder includes materials for training institutions and wastewater treatment plans in English. The national folders include some of the translated sources from the main folder and materials already available in local languages, national folders might differ from the main English one. Based on the needs of the specific countries, the national folders are updated and modified by the National Knowledge-Based Communities of water sector experts. The NKBCs, formed during IWAMA, include national water and wastewater associations, universities and other interested parties; these communities commit to enhancing the network of various water and wastewater actors and strengthening the cooperation between training institutions and WWTPs.

Training Materials Package incorporates various types of informative and edicational materials. Among those, there are audio-visual materials (selected presentations with transcribed and translated subtitles), links to capacity development tools, reports, lecture modules, virtual tests and quizzes.

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