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Sea water

The Baltic Sea is a connecting element for all of us, the core of the region. At the same time the sea is one of the most polluted water bodies of the world and a very vulnerable ecosystem. The Baltic Sea has a multifunctional role for the whole region; a transport route, a source for fish and seafood, leisure and wellbeing, tourism and also a source for water. Blue growth is a key area of interest for the Baltic Sea region much due to these reasons. Many UBC cities have big ports and are specialized in high quality shipbuilding. This section of the Hub aims to cover the above-mentioned issues, providing the users with relevant and up-to-date information aimed at improving the state of our sea and coastal area.

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Good practices for Sea water

Good practice cases presented in the Hub illustrate processes of implementing investments, piloting or innovative solutions that certain actors have experienced and sharing of which is beneficial for Hub’s target users. From a good practice description you would find who did what and why, over what period of time, what was the result, how much did it cost and where the funding came from. Additionally, good practice might elaborate on a specific setting and prerequisites of the process and influencing regulatory factors.

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Technical solutions for Sea water

Technical solutions describe specific technologies that can be used in order to improve certain process or solve a specific problem. Technical solution is usually offered by a supplier, and you can learn about how exactly it functions, what prerequisites are needed, approximate cost. Brief examples of where it has been implemented and with what results can be found from a solution’s description, or elaborated in more details as a good practice.

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Tools for Sea water

Tools available via the Hub are self-standing instruments that can be downloaded or reached through the source and immediately applied by the end users. If available, descriptions of the process and results of systematic application of certain tools will be described as good practices.

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Innovations for Sea water

Innovation cases highlight new technologies and approaches with high implementability in the Baltic Sea Region. As new approaches need laboratory and pilot scale testing before reaching full maturity, technologies with high potential but no final results or financial analysis are mainly highlighted here.

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