Resource container for nutrients recovery

Resource container comprises decentralized waste water treatment with full resource recovery. It preserves the aquatic ecosystem by purifying water and recovering products from wastewater and process water using physico-chemical units applicable for varying wastewater loads and temperatures. Plug-and-play resource container can be implemented in various scales locally or as seasonal solutions.

Resource Container purifies wastewater for discharge or reuse using chemo-mechanical technologies, which are easy to start up and can stand extreme conditions, such as low or high temperatures and pHs. The concept can be used as a main part of centralized wastewater treatment but the container itself as a decentralized wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, the recovery of valuables from wastewater streams is possible when needed. The concept exploits then the commercial solutions for solid/liquid separation assisted by flocculation keeping nutrients as much as possible in the liquid phase, phosphorous (P) recovery by precipitation, nitrogen (N) recovery by membrane contactor, and pure water production by reverse osmosis (RO). Solids are utilized e.g. in biogas or biochar production.

Results and next steps

With Resource container good purification results have been achieved. Suspended solids, COD and phosphorous reduction have been 99% and nitrogen reduction 87%. Products produced have been nutrients as inorganic fertilizers, carbon as biochar and reuse water.

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Potential applications in the BSR

Waste water treatment locally or as seasonal solutions.

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