NoFloods Mobile Barrier, Denmark

Mobile protection against rising sea levels or storm water floods is suitable for when a raised water level is threatening areas for which there is no existing protection. Mobile protection requires no or only few permanent facilities. The NoFloods Solutions offers strong and flexible solution for temporary large scale flood protection.

Due to the light weight, high strength and flexibility, the NoFloods systems can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes and deployed on all kind of surfaces.

The NoFloods Barrier can be in installed in 200 meter sections which facilitates easy and rapid installment. Additionally, each section can be continuously extended by the interconnection of special junctions to create an almost infinite length/prolongation of the barrier to suit the risk. Additionally it is possible to attach a membrane which further enhances the stability of the barrier and minimizes seepage.

The NoFloods PRO solution is made for high volume pumps and 1 km of the flood barrier can easily be filled from just one single access point.

The mobile flood barrier has a very high safety factor and due to the hydraulic conditions the barrier will remain stable irrespective of the surface on which it has been deployed. The NoFloods PRO solution can be deployed on all surfaces (such as but not limited to sand, grass, asphalt and concrete) and in almost any configuration (circles, 45 degree turns, 90 degree turns etc.).

The NoFloods Water Tube structure is an extremely solid and strong product. It is very resistant to abrasion and tear and the materials will easily resist between -40°C and +50°C and is also resistant to most chemicals.

Components installed in the solution

The NoFloods solution is offered in three options: NoFloods BASIC, NoFloods SEMI-PRO and NoFloods PRO.

The NoFloods BASIC can be delivered in 5- to 25-meter sections and in two heights (NoFloods BASIC 60 and NoFloods BASIC 125) and consists of two connected water filled parallel tubes permanently joined to form a TwinTube element with high static stability. It is optimal for short-distance flood protection.

The NoFloods PRO can be delivered in modules ranging from 50 up to 200 meters and in two standard heights (NoFloods TwinTube PRO 60 and NoFloods TwinTube PRO 125), and consists of two terminals in either end of two water filled parallel tubes, permanently joined to form a flood barrier element with high static stability. This option is suitable for long-distance flood protection.

The NoFloods SEMI-PRO can be delivered in modules ranging from 25 meters up to 100 meters and in two standard heights (NoFloods TwinTube SEMI-PRO 60 and NoFloods TwinTube SEMI-PRO 125). The SEMI-PRO solution has only terminals in one end (hence the name) or Junctions connecting two SEMI-PRO tubes, and is suitable for medium-range flood protection.

All three options can have a single tube added on top or next to the TwinTubes, thereby creating a TripleTube solution, which increases protection height with up to 40 cm.

Operational mode

In the end of December 2016, the storm Urd hit Denmark, causing an increase in water level in many locations. One of those locations was Køge Municipality, where the water was expected to rise up to 1.48 metres above its usual level. Such a signifcant increase had not been witnessed in the last 100 years and urged for an immediate action.

In Køge Municipality the NoFloods water tubes were deployed in two strategic locations to maximise their protective effect. 8,400 metres of barriers were deployed in 16 different locations and remained deployed for two whole days and successfully protected the local infrastructures, the people and the environment. During those days, the temperatures were low and one morning well below freezing point, causing the water in and around the barrier to freeze. However, the efficiency of the NoFloods barriers was in no way compromised by the ice. When the ice melted, the barriers were emptied and re-collected by the use of a hydraulic winch.

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