Beata Szatkowska

Main competence: Wastewater treatment and organic waste management.

Expertise described by keywords: wastewater treatment, nitrogen removal, nutrient recovery, wastewater energy reduction and recovery, renewable energy, digestion process, biogas, sewage sludge management, wastewater treatment monitoring, organic waste management, circular economy, wastewater processes monitoring, micropollutants.

Participation in recent EU projects

  • POM-BIOGAS, Pomeranian Biogas Model (as part of Aquateam)
  • BARITECH, Integrated technology for improved energy balance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at municipal wastewater treatment plants (as part of Aquateam)
  • WWQM, Automatic Equipment for Waste Water Quality Monitoring
  • SWIM, Small-scale Wastewater treatment system based on Innovative filter Materials
  • ETV4Water, Promotion of Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) as a tool to support the implementation of innovative solutions to improve the energy efficiency of municipal WWTPs (as part of Aquateam)
  • MORPHEUS, Model Areas for Removal of Pharmaceutical Substances in the South Baltic (as part of Gdansk Water Foundation)
  • LESS IS MORE, Energy-efficient technologies for removal of pharmaceuticals and other contaminants of emerging concern (as part of Gdansk Water Foundation)
  • MonGOS, Monitoring of water and sewage management in the context of the implementation of the circular economy assumptions (as part of Gdansk Water Foundation)
  • WasteValue, Anaerobic biorefinery for resource recovery from waste feedstock
  • DIGEST-PLAST, Methane fermentation of biomass containing biodegradable polymeric material
  • SNIT, Shortcut nitrification in activated sludge process treating domestic wastewater - key technology for low-carbon and clean wastewater treatment

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