Guntis Zilberts

For already thirty-five years Guntis Zilberts has been immersed in water affairs. Quite literally so, as his professional career started from the bottom up, in the navy as a military diver. He has since thoroughly studied and worked with all aspects of underwater works, development of river deltas, coasts and riverbanks, building and reconstruction of energy, water and built environment, industrial and antiflooding constructions in marine coastal areas.

Mr. Zilberts is registered and certified hydrotechnical engineer, he also holds internationally recognized expert memberships and has received the decoration for reinstitution of the rescue service function within structure of State Fire-fighting and Rescue service. Within the membership in the International Federation of Independent Experts Mr. Zilberts participates in expertise process where assessment and/or evaluation of structures, underwater events or vessels are needed. The multidisciplinary skillset allows Guntis Zilberts to promote innovative ideas and ensure their implementation with the highest regard to the quality.

Mr. Zilberts mentors the professional associations and consults legislative developments in his field. In 2018-2019 Mr. Zilberts was invovled in the developement by the Ministry of Education and Science and Association of Hydroamelioration Builders in the interinstitutional workgroup with several state institutions and agencies: a description and code for several professional standards: amelioration builder, constructor of hydrotechnical buildings. In 2018-2020 Mr. Zilberts worked with the Ministry of Welfare in the workgroup with underwater builders and commercial diver companies on the professional standards of search and rescue works, underwater operation safety rules and conduct.

During his professional career Mr. Zilberts has been awarded the sign of honour for restoring the Search and Rescue service in Latvia, with State Firefighting and Rescue Service. Mr. Zilberts has been lecturing in the College of State Firefighting and Rescue Service for several years and continues to return there ocassionally.

Lately Mr. Zilberts has initiated and participated in the LEADER collaboration project with 21 local government and 8 local partnerships, enveloping approximately 2000 directly involved contributors in Daugava river basin, Latvia.

Guntis Zilberts participates in community activities by promoting safe waterfront development and active lifestyle.

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