Inga Retike

A long time experience in management of national and trans-boundary water (mainly groundwater) resources and project management.

Some of areas of expertise where experience could be shared:

  1. EU Water policies:
    1. Water Framework Directive - groundwater body and groundwater body at risk (seawater intrusion) delineation methodology in Latvia; development of joint methodology for identification and assessment of groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystems (Latvia-Estonia)- Est-Lat GroundEco project; reporting to European Commission.
    2. Groundwater Directive - delineation of national natural baseline levels and threshold values.
    3. Nitrates Directive - spring water monitoring optimization (using nitrates and water stable isotopes); national nitrates monitoring optimization.
    4. Drinking Water Directive - linkages between revised DWD and WFD, new parameters monitoring (endocrine disruptions, toxins etc.)
  2. EU wide research:
    1. H2020 projects GeoERA - HOVER, TACTIC, RESOURCE - experience in groundwater vulnerability assessment to nitrates contamination and denitrification; seawater intrusion assessment using statistical tools, groundwater mapping at EU scale.
    2. Groundwater Drought Initiative

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