Katarzyna Kołecka

My research interests are connected with natural based solutions, especially Sludge Treatment Reed Beds as well as new-emerging pollutants in wastewater and sewage sludge.

The most important manuscripts:

  1. Kowal P., Ciesielski S., Godzieba M., Fitobór K., Gajewska M., Kołecka K.: Assessment of diversity and composition of bacterial community in Sludge Treatment Reed Bed systems, SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, vol. 756, (2021), s.144060-
  2. Kołecka K., Gajewska M., Cytawa S., Stepnowski P., Caban M.: Is sequential batch reactor an efficient technology to protect recipient against non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and paracetamol in treated wastewater? BIORESOURCE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 318, (2020), s. 124068-
  3. Kołecka K., Gajewska M., Stepnowski P., Caban M.: Spatial distribution of pharmaceuticals in conventional wastewater treatment plant with Sludge Treatment Reed Beds technology, SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, vol. 647, (2019), s.149-157
  4. Kołecka K., Obarska-Pempkowiak H., Gajewska M.: Polish experience in operation of sludge treatment reed beds, ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, vol. 120, (2018), s.405-410
  5. Kołecka K., Gajewska M., Obarska-Pempkowiak H., Rohde D.: Integrated dewatering and stabilization system as an environmentally friendly technology in sewage sludge management in Poland, ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, vol. 98, (2017), s.346-353

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