INTERREG South Baltic Programme 2014–2020

The Interreg South Baltic Programme aims at unlocking South Baltic’s potential for blue and green growth through cross-border cooperation between local and regional actors from Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden. The “blue growth” addresses the economic potential of the Baltic Sea for growth and jobs across the shores of the South Baltic. At the same time, “green growth” underlines the need to pursue the path of economic growth in balance with the environment, in particular by utilising South Baltic’s rich natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable and preserving manner.

The programme supports five areas:

  • Priority Axis 1: Strengthening international activeness and innovation capacity of the South Baltic blue & green economy
  • Priority Axis 2: Exploiting the environmental and cultural potential of the South Baltic area for blue and green growth
  • Priority Axis 3: Improving cross-border connectivity for a functional blue and green transport area
  • Priority Axis 4: Boosting human resource capacities for the area’s blue and green economy
  • Priority Axis 5: Increasing cooperation capacity of local actors

The programme has available funds of ca. €78 mln. The Programme provides co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for cooperation activities between two or more organisations from at least two participating Member States. The co-financing rate for Polish, Lithuanian and German beneficiaries is up to 85% of their eligible project costs, while Swedish and Danish beneficiaries receive up to 75% of ERDF co-financing.