Wastewater Treatment Plant Game

The game introduces wastewater treatment process dependencies and parameters via commonly applied activated sludge process. Game is mainly targeted to WWTP operators but gives everyone an opportunity to test how their working day at WWTP would go.

Quick guide

Gamification and Quizzes in teaching can support collaboration and teamwork, simulate a context for problem-solving activities and reinforce iteration and continuous improvement. Games need specific planning so that they educate, motivate to compete and are neither too difficult nor too easy.

The game "Day at the wastewater treatment plant", or simply "The WWTP Game" was developed to support education in the sphere of the wastewater treatment to facilitate knowledge retention through creative and engaging tools. The game introduces the general wastewater treatment process and dependencies involved, targeting both WWTP operators and young professionals in this sector.


The WWTP game is translated into several languages and allows several trials. It consists of a core game with questions that you can answer as you walk around the plant, and the three different mini-games. The aim of the games is to learn how to effectively remove specific pollutants from the water and how to improve energy efficiency at the plant.

While playing the game, you can learn the general treatment process, its sequence and dependencies, practise clearing the water from pollutants, and be in control of the activated sludge process.

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