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Online knowledge-sharing platform ClimateScan

The online knowledge-sharing platform contributes to an accelerated climate adaptation by promoting more green and blue spaces in urban areas.

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Implementation of small-scale nature-based solutions (NBS) such as bio(swales), green roofs and green walls requires the involvement and enthusiasm of a multitude of stakeholders which can be stimulated by citizen science platforms such as ClimateScan. ClimateScan mapped over 5000 NBS projects around the globe in 6 years with an average of more than 100 diverse triple helix users a day thanks to the openness of the website and active online and offline promotion.

ClimateScan is a tool used in f.ex. ClimateCafé.


Results are described in scientific paper: Restemeyer, B.; Boogaard, F.C. Potentials and Pitfalls of Mapping Nature-Based Solutions with the Online Citizen Science Platform ClimateScan. Land 2020, 10, 5.

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