Wastewater Solutions Information tool

Information Tool helps households and village communities in sparsely populated areas to make successful solutions for wastewater treatment.

Quick guide

The Information Tool application helps households and village communities in sparsely populated areas to find cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions for wastewater treatment. It is an easy to use tool consisting of multiple search criteria that can be used independently. For example, one can choose the best wastewater treatment solutions based on location, capacity, preferred technology, dimensions, and costs. The tool is most useful for the local authorities and wastewater advisers which can use the tool when helping and planning the wastewater system for villages or households. It can also be utilized by residents, local authorities, training institutes and companies.

The Information Tool helps to evaluate different solutions and their applicability to local conditions and individual needs. It is based on scientific life cycle assessment, best practices evaluations, and pilot village experiences. The base for Information Tool is data which has been collected from the manufacturers and/or vendors of wastewater treatment technologies in the bases of questionnaires. The results can vary depending on local circumstances and maintenance frequency.


The information tool is available in seven languages: English, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish and Swedish. The tool has several hundreds equipment with four technologies: package plant, holding tank, septic tank & soil treatment and grey water treatment.

Different technologies vary by useful lifespan, maintenance needs, environmental impact, dimensions and other factors.

It is possible to add new information to the Information Tool and update the existing data: find the form on the project website.

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