SAmpSONS2 - Visualisation and sustainability assessment of resource-orientated sanitation systems

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SAmpSONS2 is the new, considerably extended, version of a simple simulator for the visualisation of resource fluxes in resource-orientated sanitation systems. Furthermore, SAmpSONS2 allows an assessment of such systems with regard to a number of sustainability criteria.

SAmpSONS has been developed within the projects "Simulation und Visualisierung von Stoffströmen in neuartigen Sanitärsystemen für klima- und ressourcenschonendes Bauen" and "Verifikation eines Planungswerkzeuges zur Simulation und Visualisierung von Stoffströmen in neuartigen Abwassersanitärsysteme"


The new version SAmpSONS2 allows the consideration of up to eight micropollutants; furthermore, a significant number of additional technologies, in particular for nutrient recovery, have been included. Comprehensive material (Uses's Manual, report, compilation of technology data sheets and literature survey on micropollutants in wastewater systems) can be accessed through the Help system of SAmpSONS2.

Whilst SAmpSONS2 allows to illustrate, albeit in a crude way, sanitation systems, it does not perform, however, detailed dynamic simulation of wastewater systems. For such applications, other simulation systems are available (for example, Simba#water, Simba#biogas, and Simba#classroom).

The SAmpSONS2 program can be used in two languages: German and English. After start of the program, the language can be set using the “Werkzeuge”-“Sprache auswählen” options of the main menu of the program. A German-English glossary is provided as annex to the English manual.

Additional material:
Schütze, M., Wriege-Bechtold, A., Zinati Shoa, T., Söbke, H., Wißmann, I., Schulz, M., Veser, S., Londong, J., Barjenbruch, M., Alex, J., 2019: Simulation and visualization of material flows in sanitation systems for streamlined sustainability assessment, Water Science & Technology, 79(10), 1966–1976.

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